Earth Day is held every April 22.  It’s the day we honor our Earth. Events take place around the globe to demonstrate support for environmental protection.
You may be thinking, “That’s great–but it doesn’t have much to do with me.”  Yes, it does–the Earth is the most powerful energy source and when you connect, whether walking barefoot or wearing a grounding shoe, you soak up all those great electrons–and that has enormous health benefits to you.
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When many hear the word “inflammation,” they think of something acute, such as a blow to the knee, which causes pain, redness and swelling. Acute inflammation, in small amounts, can be good because it protects and heals the body by drawing blood to the site and sending in those disease fighters, white blood cells.
Chronic inflammation is insidious and potentially much more harmful.  It can last for several years or months, and is being more and more identified as the cause of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.
Chronic inflammation starts out, as what many think of, innocently enough– often in the mouth. 

1. Feed your body, mind and spirit, literally.  There’s no doubt that some foods are a lot more powerful than others, and that includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds; some spices like turmeric and cinnamon; and herbs, such as parsley and garlic.
2. Manage stress.  Stress is inevitable and if you don’t learn to manage it, your body will be flooded with those “fight or flight” hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.  If you’re a stress case you’ll probably toss and turn all night…and speaking of which…
3. Get enough sleep.  A few years back, the Archives of Internal Medicine

conducted a small, contained study. 

With an emphasis on the mind-body-spirit connection, Pilates  (originally called Contrology) is a system of exercise focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness, with controlled movements, muscle strength, spinal alignment and deep breathing.
Pilates, which can be done either with special machines or on the floor, concentrates on the core muscles—the “girdle” around the abdomen and pelvis, as well as lower back, hips and thigh.
“Pilates is inherently grounding, says Award-Winning Master Pilates Instructor, Lynda Lippin

, “because it brings you right into your breath, your spine, your core abdominal muscles, and your feet from the very beginning of the Footwork, and then forces a powerful focus on core and breath control in the Hundred (series). 

Modern life has made it pretty difficult for us to keep track of the changing seasons, but nature celebrates growth and constant renewal. That’s inspiring and energizing, leading to increased mental focus and better clarity, supporting the mind-body-spirit connection.
So whether it’s mind, body, health, friends, family, diet, or more, keep these in mind in the spring:

  • Lighten your diet!  Fresh, tender greens, such as dandelion, chard, baby spinach, escarole, watercress, etc., are abundant and are a welcome change from the hearty, heavy diets that sustain us in winter.

Greens are versatile—many can be eaten cooked or raw—and they nourish and detox the liver to keep it functioning optimally.

You wouldn’t want to rush into a yoga class at the last minute, feeling stressed and weary, would you?
Same with the day. Some people just seem always seem to have it altogether, no matter what time—but you can too!
First, establish your own morning ritual.  It can be as brief as 5 minutes but it should be whatever resonates with you. We know one woman who used to just sit quietly with a cup of (organic) coffee before leaving for the office. As she said, it helped her ease into her day mindfully, thoughtfully and with full concentration.
Here are some other ideas, compliments of pluggz


We can mail someone with the click of a mouse.  Have insomnia?  No problem because, at any time, you can get the most current newsfeeds.  How about multi-tasking? Clean the house, talk on the phone, tend to the kids and pets, pay the bills and write that report, all at the same time.
Technology is great, huh?  Not really, because it can wreck your relationships, make your life feel out of control and actually lower your productivity and focus. That adds up to stress and a lack of well being.
Have you ever experienced any of this? It’s EXACTLY why you need to stay grounded in this hi-tech age:

pluggz mardi gras
Mardi Gras:  We think of  purple, green and gold colors, long beads, parades with gorgeous floats and exotic masks

Mardi Gras is the final celebration leading up to Lent, a rather solemn holiday.  It’s deeply rich in history; in fact, Mardi Gras can be traced back to Medieval Times.
The celebration makes us think of New Orleans, where people sit on the ground, eat yummy food and play and listen to great music—but it’s observed around the world.
How can you have a low vibration, or not be grounded, during all the fun and merriment?
You can have your own Mardi Gras celebration, even customizing some of those traditional  Mardi Gras treats, if you want.

In the past, both wild animals and cavemen were naturally grounded, having regular contact with that powerful energy source, the earth.  All were lean and healthy.
We may have evolved from wild animals or cavemen, but animals can still teach us a lot about grounding:

  • Diet.  Wild cats ate rodents and birds.  Wild dogs consumed their entire prey, including brains, kidneys, liver and more.  Today’s pets still do best with a diet as close to nature as possible, with anatomy that includes shortened intestines and a lack of certain enzymes—not to mention an increase in allergies.  We should eat close to nature, too.